Lekmunwian focuses on our well-trained operating staffs and investment in advance scrap production technology. The company has several production lines to fulfill any customized requirements. With our Quality Control team and FIFO system, we can track our product quality of each delivery lot. Safety Stock is another important part to ensure that the company will be able to supply products to our customer immediately.


Our maximum production capacity is 15,000 tons per month and planning to continuously expand our capacity at our best.


The company has invested in high technology machines and tools for large product throughput. We have small and large bundling machines, shearing machines, shredding machine, electrical alligator cutting machines, alligator cutting backhoes, magnetic loading backhoes and grabber loading backhoes.

Weight Scale

Our 80-ton digital scale can weigh all vehicles up to any large and long trailer trucks. We regularly have not only the scale supplier, but also Government Department, calibrated and tested our digital scale. In addition to the internal regular calibration basis, we also compare our digital scale with other suppliers, customers and companies in the surrounding area.

Yard Area

With more than 10 rai, the company’s layout is utilized in getting the most efficient way to load, unload, separate, manage and produce the metal scraps. All areas are cement grounded to avoid the problem of dirt and dust mixing with the scrap. We do our best to maintain the cleanest operating yard as possible.


With our technical innovations and refined processes, we constantly utilize our facility at our maximum aptitude with a high speed maneuver. The company has a spectroscope for chemical composition checking to supply qualified products to the foundries.


We have many trailers, ten-wheel trucks, hook-lift trucks, trucks with grabber and 10-wheel trucks with tilt container trucks ready for both getting the scraps from manufacturers and delivering to melting companies and foundries. All vehicles have GPS for location and route tracking.