Scrap Sourcing

Customized to your requirement

Scrap Sourcing

Lek Mun Wian Co., Ltd. is to buy metal scrap, reproduce and supply it to the melting company directly. There is no middle man so that we can offer an attractive price to acquire more scrap from the market. In the mean time, with our efficient operation and economic of scale, we can sell our product at a competitive price to the melting companies.

Purchase from Manufacturers

The company purchases steel scrap left over from the production line. The company can directly buy the scrap from the manufactures at agreed prices, quantities and timeframes. We sometime join the bidding to acquire the scrap from the producers. We will be responsible for loading and transporting the scrap out of the customers’ plants within a required duration. With our expertise, tools and logistic system, we can facilitate our customers with their highest satisfactions.

Purchase from small shops and individuals

Lek Mun Wian’s major scrap sourcing is from small shops, general public and individuals who deliver their scrap to our yard. We emphasize on fast and safe scrap unloading service and competitive price. To obtain more scrap to our yard and gain more market share, we used to have some attractive promotions or campaigns for our customers. The company deploys these marketing tools to maintain our customer royalty and be a leader in steel scrap business.


Products to Sell

We manage all scrap types to fit with our customers’ usage requirements. Our scrap can be supplied to both small and large size furnaces, both induction and arc.