Professional Service

International Standard



The company is currently able to handle up to 500 tons of metal scrap per day. With this workload, we fundamentally serve our customers with an emphasis on a good service, a fast operation and an honest and sincere support. We have gained a trustful reputation from all stakeholders for more than 20 years. Lek Mun Wian always:
  • offers a fair and competitive buying and selling prices to the market
  • standardizes our digital scale
  • grades the scrap transparently and truthful
  • loads and unloads the scrap quickly and safely
  • has an immediate and on-time payment
  • sincerely answers questions and provides information
Therefore, our culture is clearly shown that we do focus seriously on the best service to our customers.


The company uses our high technology backhoes and our polished internal standard procedures to make sure that all loading and unloading steps will satisfy our customers. Both the speed and the safety are what we concern. We ensure that all our staff, though has a long experience in this field, are well trained and monitored for their performances.


With inventory management system and transportation standards, Lek Mun Wian has earned trusts from our customers in terms of on-time delivery, consistent scrap providing and supplying quality. One of our policies is to prepare and reserve ten-wheel trucks, hook-lift trucks, trucks with grabbers, ten-wheel trucks with tilting containers and trailers to be able to deliver more than 500 tons scrap per day. These sufficient number and types of vehicles guarantee that Lek Mun Wian can serve our customers’ needs on time and immediately.


Lek Mun Wian realizes that human resources as one of the most valuable assets for our organization. The quality of our staff is a key factor to drive our business to grow quickly and strongly. We, therefore, provide trainings and have employees’ performance measured on a regular basis. The company’s aim is to maintain these operational efficiency and customer best service provided based on a professional ability and maximum sincerity.