Effectiveness and Efficiency


Our current maximum production capacity is 10,000 tons per month. We plan to expand to 15,000 tons per month.

Machines & Tools

The company foresees that one of the fundamental factors to drive our scrap yard professionally is machines and tools. We, therefore, invested in high technology machines and tools. We use these machines and tools to produced our scrap to minimize our daily inventory.
  • Shredded machine
  • Shearing machine
  • Small bundle pressing machine
  • Large bundle pressing machine

  • Electrical alligator cutting machine
  • Alligator cutting backhoe
  • Magnetic loading backhoe
  • Grabber loading backhoe

Digital Scale

Lek Mun Wian has 80-ton digital scale that can weigh all vehicles up to any large and long trailer trucks. We aim to gain trust from our all buyers and sellers so the company regularly have the scale supplier calibrates and tests our digital scale to ensure the weight accuracy. In addition to the internal regular calibration basis, we also randomly compare our digital scale with other customers and companies in the surrounding area.

Yard Area

With more than 10 rai, the company’s layout is utilized in getting the most efficient way to load, unload, separate, manage and produce the steel scrap. All areas are cement grounded to avoid the problem of dirt and dust mixing with the scrap. We do our best to maintain the cleanest operating yard as possible.


Lek Mun Wian continues developing technology and all operating processes to load, unload, separate, produce, manage and deliver the steel scrap with a high speed maneuver and a premium quality. With these technology innovations and refined processes, we constantly utilize our facility at our maximum aptitude.
In order to be a one-stop-shop steel scrap recycling yard and to be able to support all customers’ requirements, the company also has a spectroscope for steel scrap chemical composition testing. Defining these limited chemical requirements, we can assist not only ourselves but also our customers to gain confident in selecting each steel scrap type. This also helps the melting companies to easily make the decisions which scrap types are suit to mix with what in their furnace to produce their finished goods.