Can and steel bucket

Galvanized Iron Sheet

Whole car scrap

New HMS1 Plate


Sheared Light Scrap

Shredded Light Scrap

Bundle of Light Scrap

Bundle of Steel Bar

Bundle of Cans

Bundle of Galvanised Iron Sheets

New HMS1 Cut Plate

Shredded Stamping

Shredded Busheling

Bundle of Busheling

Bundle of Pipe Slitter

Bundle of Coil Slitter

Punching Coin Size

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

  • Springs in car wheel tires.
  • Closed-cover cylinders, cylinders with grease, asphalt, oil or other chemicals.
  • Hazardous or inflammable materials and explosive objects.
  • Scrap with radiation object or any scrap that can radiate any waves harmful to health or environment.